My last activation in HB9

This year in August I was in HB9 for a holiday, mostly for hiking and SOTA activations.

I don’t know about my possibilities for SOTA in HB9 in the future. So may be it was my farewell from SOTA there overall or, with some luck, only for 2021.

For the last SOTA hike I was searching for a fine unique summit, not so far away from my holiday room and fitting to my limited hiking abilities. Piz Toissa (HB/GR-154) seemed to be good, with detailed reports on Additional I got some valuable hints from HB9CKV (thanks Hans).

One very special thing of this Summit is Ziteil, the highest located holy pilgrimage site in Europa, not far away.

The forecast was good enough, more cloudy in the morning, less in the afternoon, some snow half past one pm local time and 2…4 degrees C on the summit.

I started in the morning by car to Salouf. Above the village I had to put some money in the central parking meter (parking meter for all parking places along the two narrow streets up) and reached the highest parking (1850 m asl) near Munter after some kilometres.

Starting the hike from the parking: Munter

The way from there is on a small street and then for some kilometres on a country lane between meadowland (2000 … 2350 m asl).

Piz Toissa in clouds

Meadowland and Piz Toissa

An old herdsman hut on the way (see later)

Straight ahead I saw Ziteil 500 m away but I had to go to the left. On the next 400 m on a steep slope the path gains 200 m more hight (2550 m asl).

On the steep ascend: Ziteil in the back and Piz Curver (HB/GR-112) behind

Look from Ziteil on the steep ascend

The last 400 m to the summit (2656 m asl) is on more good-natured terrain.

Looking back from the summit

7.5 m pole with 6 m vertical wire

Starting my activation I got 2 local contacts on 2m FM (HB9CKV, HB9GR/p - thanks). After set-up the short wave station 15 more QSO in SSB came in the Log (EA2DT !, SA4BLM !, SM5LNE !, EA4BQG, SV1RVJ !, EA7GV !, EA2EVC, CT2HKN, EA2DDG, HP9JAY/p – S2S, EA2CP, EA7Q, EA1DHB !, F4WBN !, EA7GV !. 8 from these chasers gave me the chance for contacts from four or more summits the days before – thanks a lot!).

Right 1 pm local time snowfall was starting and I had to interrupt operation and cover the station for 20 minutes or so.

1 pm :wink:

Special: looking top down on a rainbow

Looking down on the herdsman hut, good to feel the height

After one hour activation, time for packing up and some time to enjoy the summit it was time to go down.

Descent and my next destination

Down on the country lane I visited Ziteil (500 m one way distance and 80 m more ascend :grimacing:) but all was closed.

Ziteil (2429 or 2433 m asl)

Farewell from Piz Toissa

Thanks again to all the chasers who made my activation successful!

73 Ludwig


Thanks Ludwig for your great activation report and fantastic photos. :grinning: :beers:

73 Geoff vk3sq

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Hallo Ludwig
Vielen Dank für den ausführlichen Aktivierungsbericht mit den aufschlussreichen Bildern. Piz Toissa ist noch auf meiner Todo Liste, nachdem ich letztes Jahr auf dem Piz Curver war. Beide am gleichen Tag sind für mich zuviel. Aber die nächsten paar Tage werde ich im Bündnerland verbringen, und der GR-154 steht - neben ein paar anderen - auf meiner Liste.
73, Fritz HB9CYX

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Hallo Fritz,

dann hast Du ja den Piz Toissa vom Piz Curver aus gesehen (wenn nicht gerade alles in den Wolken war). Und wenn Du vom Osten her aufgestiegen warst, dann kennst Du auch den Weg bis Ziteil und hast eine gute Vorstellung für den Piz Toissa. Viel Erfolg!

73 Ludwig

Hallo Ludwig
Ja, ich war schon mehrmals auf dem Piz Curver - von beiden Seiten. Letztes Jahr bei schönstem Wetter auch vom Sars PP von Osten via Ziteil. Aber wie gesagt, für mich wäre es zu viel gewesen, auf dem Rückweg auch noch auf den Piz Toissa zu gehen. Es gibt natürlich solche (jüngere!), die das offenbar locker machen. Drum werde ich jetzt übermorgen den Piz Toissa aktivieren - so ist jedenfalls der Plan.
73, Fritz Hb9CYX


Hello Ludwig,
Thanks for shareing another nice sota experience in GR region.
For your next vacation I suggest I/LO near Lecco city… I wait for you!
Roberto iw2obx


Hello Roberto,

unfortunately in 2021 restrictions when going from one country to an other were unpredictable for a longer time. So I planned nothing more than HB9. I hope for 2022 in I/LO. Thank you for your invitation.

73 Ludwig

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(see before)

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