My half-goat activation on I/PM-117 & I/PM-322

The full goat is too far for my age (I started too late with SOTA) so I’m glad to limit my present goal to half-goat or something more, health (and my XYL) permitting.
Today I reached and passed 500 activator points with a double activation very easy and in a superb environment.
From 1st july to october (depending on snow and except wednesdays and saturdays) the Strada dell’Assietta and the road of Colle delle Finestre are open free to cars and motorcycles from Sestrieres and Susa (in Susa Valley) or Fenestrelle (in Chisone Valley). All the roads (white roads not for all spoilered cars!) are in Piedmont and run along the ridge between Susa and Chisone Valley mainly over 2000 m. asl and frequently over 2400 m. On this ridge there are some 10 points summits very easy to climb from the car. The easiest and near the road are I/PM-117 (Punta di Moucrons) and I/PM-322 (Mont Genevris). Today I’ve drived my Mitsubishi ASX along the 60/70 km from Sestrieres (2000m asl) to Susa (abt 500 m) with two stops to activate the summits (30 min ascent for I/PM-117 and 7-8 min for I/PM-322).
Enjoy with some panoramas as I enjoyed in my activations. Cheers to all de Claudio IX1IHR


Thanks Claudio for sharing your half goat activation and photos. Great achievement, well done. :+1:

Cheers :beers:

Geoff vk3sq

Thank you for your report and the pictures of the beautiful landscape. We had an S2S yesterday and for me it’s a bit like I was there too.
73 Chris

great pictures claudio and congrats on the half goat … ray

Fantastic photos, I particularly like the summit references imposed on the prints.

This was to stimulate activators (french, who are very close, but not only) to climb these all 10 pointer summits.

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Well Done Claudio !!

73 de IW0HK Andrea