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My first time activation 9A/ZH-004

Finally found time to head out for a nearby hill Japetić 9A/ZH-004.
First I went to 9A/ZH-007 Plešivica but when I arrived to the summit I started unpacking,I realised i left my band jumper cables in the car.
So i went back down and decided to go over to 004 deciding no way Im not activating a hill today.
After a 35 min drive,i parked at the mountaineering house at the Žitnica field,picked up the gear and walked over to 004 in about 20 min.
Set up the antenna and my rig,spotted myelf on sotawatch then woked a few home station before 9A1IB spotted me on the cluster and then the first foreign call came in,quite exciting it was S2S. HB/IW3AGO from HB/GR-330.
The other two were OE5REO from OE/ST-395 and IV3GNF from I/FV-071. Stayed for about 40 minutes,getting 14qsos then called it a day since it was past noon and the heat was picking up. Packed up my gear then walked back to the mountaineering house for a celebratory beer.
The gear used was a tr(u)SDX with 3x14500 3.7v 800mah each and a Falcon Outback 1899 vertical setup for 40 meters.


Just checked my uploaded log,i forgot to pit 1 contact in.
I see no way of editing submitted logs?

Karlo, dobrodošao u SOTA!
Moraš izbrisati log i novi sa dopisanom vezom ponovo spremiti.
Super fotke i super uređaj :+1:
Ja moj još nisam sastavio :frowning_face:
Lijepi pozdrav i čujemo se na bandu!

73, Mario DJ2MX (9A4MX,NØMX,E73DX)

You are right, there is no way of editing submitted logs within the database website. You need to delete the entire uploaded log for that activation (use the log upload manager) then correct the log offline using your computer to edit the file, then resubmit the corrected log. If you are not using files to upload your activator logs, it is a somewhat longer process and I could only say it is much better to use files, either CSV or ADIF.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA

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I see,yeah I was manually entering the contacys. Twas only 14 so no big deal to reenter them again.

Karlo 9A3BKF

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If you manually entered the log as opposed to uploading it as a CSV or ADIF then you download the log you have entered, you get a CSV file, edit the CSV file, delete the log in the database and then upload the CSV you edited.

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Congratulations Carlo,

Thanks for the report with nice pictures. Well done with that tiny rig too.

I used to use a check list but now just have a pack and keep everything other than the mast and walking poles in it.

OK I still do a scan of my list the night before just to be sure. I have left some important bits behind over the years but managed to work around the issue.

I have left a mast and walking poles behind on different occasions but recovered the mast two weeks later but not the poles. I do a walk around the site before departure. With the mast it was dark and the mast was 20 m from my op position. With the poles I think I leaned them against the passenger side of the car and drove off after putting everything else in the car. I did not realise I hadn’t packed them until at home

Now is a great time to plan and execute the next activation.

Good luck


Cheers. I’ve recieved the pico balun I ordered from Sotabeams 2 days ago in the mail so I’ll make a wire antenna for 40 meters and see how that works compared to the current setup as far as practical use goes.
Or get a bag of some sorts where i can stash the tripod and the antenna pieces withouth stashing the things all over my bag.

Hi Karlo, the first of many activations I hope. Nice beetle pic - from my recent 2 weeks in Croatia it seems to be a paradise for beetle enthusiasts and there were butterflies everywhere as well. One even landed on my pencil while I was making a log entry.

73 Simon


Aye,there was a lot of them up there,i was about to photo some kind of metallic blue beetle but it flew away hahha.
If you ever get the chance,i highly reccomend the area of Žumberak nature park( Žumberak Mountains - Wikipedia )
You can do Flora Fauna,as well there are 7 Sota points. I daresay there should be a few more.

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