My first SOTA. ES/ES-003

Hello everyone

On second X-Mas day ES2UNX/5 and ES1MW/5 set up on top of Emumägi summit. ES/ES-003 was never activated by local OMs before. A hut built by locals out of tree stumps were selected as QTH to protect from wind and to host a fire (smoke).
11 degrees below freezing climbing up to 5 below freezing around 1200.

The plan was to survive the cold and beam NA from grey line to grey line.

Radios: 2m walkie talkie & ICOM 7300 & Xiegu X6100.
The later being the work horse with 10W supported by 14.4 Ah Li-ion battery, 90Ah battery for Icom.

Modulation: FM on 2m and SSB on 20m & 40m. Had nice pile ups on SSB so ditched CW & FT8.

Antennas: 2-element vertical 1/4 wave phased array on 20m beaming NW (NA) & inverted v for local 40m. Didn’t assemble 1/4 wave with reflector on 40m.

Logging with a PC, Log4OM2 and N1MM to separate the logs. Later I discovered that SOTA database is account based not callsign based… The system didn’t like the adif-s so ended up entering everything manually.

A sled was used for the 300m trip from parking lot to the summit. We were almost on time at 07:00 UTC but broke loose some DC wires from a molex on ICOM (the cold!) and the freshly updated new firmware on Xiegu refused to TX. So the day started with both radios not functioning :slight_smile:
After some MacGyvering and limiting the power to 20W, the ICOM was up and running for daily local 40m test. After many attempts of downgrading the Xiegu’s firmware, it was finally TXing again (lucky I had a microSD). The two radios didn’t interfere with each other on separate bands but the situation didn’t favour multi-two so most of the time was spent calling on 20m with the Xiegu. Unfortunately no QSOs were made to NA but the 2 element beam was wide enough (or has effective sides) to work South Europe.

After 66 QSOs total we decided to pack up approximately 2 hours before sunset (around 13:00 local) and went sight seeing: a TV broadcast tower and ES5TV / ES9C / ES9UKR contest station nearby.

S56LXN calling for S2S was captured on an IG reel, look for @everydayisfieldday


Hello Henri, thanks for your report, welcome to the fraternity. Great photos too.

Geoff vk3sq

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