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My first SOTA activation - DL/AL-132 Hochgrat

Hello all,

today was my first “real” activation of a summit.

My wife Waltraud and myself took the cable car “Hochgratbahn” to the upper station and then started hiking towards the Hochgrat-Summit at 1.834 m.

The weather was fantastic, bright sunshine and about 10 deg C. The hike turned out to be thrilling, as there was still up to 1 meter of snow covering the narrow ridge.

After 45 minutes we reached the summit and were suprised by a strong wind blowing.

The view to the Austrian Alps was fantastic and we enjoyed it very much.

We set up the Buddipole on 20m and the Elecraft KX3 with the 6.6 Ah LiFePo4 battery.

A friend, Matt Smith, did a check of my signal with his SDR. Everything worked like a charm and I started calling CQ at 1200 UTC as planned.

In the end, there were 15 QSOs in the log and we headed back to the cable car mountain top station.

It was a great experience for me and I’m looking forward to the next summit!

vy 73 de Robert, DL5RT


Hello Robert, well done. As you know good signal into UK. :smile:

Hi Robert,
Congrats on your first SOTA activation.
I wasn’t able to chase you but I hope we’ll have other chances in the near future.
We all are pleased to have new activators.
Best 73 de Guru.

Welcome in the SOTA FEVER world !
73 QRO
Roger - F5LKW

Hi Robert,

That looks like a very nice summit - eight points as well - I’ll need to get up there soon. Hopefully the cable car runs in summer as well.

As the others have said - it sounds like the SOTA virus has bitten! Welcome to the club!

73 Ed DD5LP.