My first activation - thank you!

This was literally my first activation. I’ve been thinking about SOTA on and off for 7+ years now. Others posted a trip that they took to this same summit maybe 6 years ago, but I took a different route. Looking at the maps, and reading the rules, the route they took is along the OHV roads which are closed to vehicle traffic. The entirety of Horse Ridge is closed to motorized vehicle travel. Instead, I parked along the south edge of the Horse Ridge area along Ford road, along a spot where I could easily pull off and not be in the road itself.

The hike itself was a pretty straight forward cross-country trek, about 1.5 miles each way and about 850’ elevation gain. There are a few barbed wire fences to cross, some down and historic, some more modern and maintained. None presented a real obstical though. Use of Avenza maps and the Horse Ridge Recreation map provided by the BLM is highly encouraged. The northbound OHV trail and BLM roads technically go through private property to my understanding, though the BLM might have right of way. The road going up into golden basin is technically off-limits to vehicles, though while I was at the summit, I still saw a motorcyclist. Otherwise, not a single person on the summit.

My trip up was basically a straight north ascent and then following the ridgeline WNW to the summit. There are a few false summits, take a GPS (or avenza maps) and you’ll get there.

This weekend was near perfect weather. Not too cold, not too hot, a slight breeze to take the edge off the sweat of hiking after 2 months in quarantine.

My setup is a KX3 with a homemade 20m 2-radial vertical on a 25’ fishing pole/mast. I will post a youtube video from the summit on this front, search my callsign on youtube, and you’ll find my channel for an upload on that probably sometime next week.

In the end, 23 contacts, 1 summit-to-summit, and a great first time activation for me. I’m happy with how it went, and the worst thing I forgot was my hiking boots (so I just hiked in shoes instead, no big deal). I thank all those who tried to contact me, put up with newb CW skills, I will happily send QSL cards to all those who suffered through my lack of comprehension. Nearly all signals were strong and 5x9, (x variable by strength, my noise floor was near zero), so it wasn’t propogation that made me ask for repeats, it was operator error :slight_smile:

I got in the mail a new battery pack for my KX3 today, that I hope will be more consistent than using AA NiMH batteries in the KX3, but failing that, a single set of NiMH batteries did just fine.


Well done and no doubt worth the wait. From now on it will get better and better.

Congrats for your successful first activation.
You have now been bitten by the SOTA bug. Enjoy!

Congratulations on your first activation. I’ve activated that summit a couple times. Hope to get back there soon.

Roland K7FOP

Sounding good on the air! Will be listening for you again.
All Best, Ken

Congratulations on your first activation, Martin. I am tickled to be your first S2S QSO.
My setup yesterday was a KX3 @ 5 watts to a 44’ CAT 5 twisted pair doublet on a 19’ fishing pole.
Until the next one.

73, David N6AN

Hi David,

Thanks for bearing with me. It took me a while to figure out your sota ID that you were transmitting… very cool to have both first activation and an S2S all in the same trip :slight_smile: Looking forward to the next one, haven’t decided yet if I’ll get out tomorrow or just do Stams (W7O/CE-055) next weekend…

Now if I can just get my better half to join me and not try to kill me after 2 hour of boredom on her part up on a summit top… :smiley:

A picture is worth 1000 words. W5T/GU-001. De KD5KC.

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Congratulations on the first activation! If you’re like a lot of us, one shot and you’re already addicted, so hope to get an S2S with you in the future!

Mike AC0PR

KD5KC, can’t say my pictures are quite as interesting as that, but I enjoyed the views at least…! I did fall on the way back down the steep ridge, but 'tis but a scratch…

My wife comes along a lot. For many years she was raising and showing Great Danes. I not only went along, but participated in something I would never have done myself.

So as we move into another chapter in our life together, she has retired from the dog-show life, and she is accompanying me on more outings. Mostly 4X4 expeditions. But when I get out for a hike, she comes along. And if I happen to do a summit, she sits and reads her kindle, works on her knitting, or something. W5T/GU-001 is a pretty difficult hike. She needed that nap. I carried some seat cushions to sit on, she used it as a pillow.

Vy73 – Mike – KD5KC – El Paso, TX.

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