My first activation MM0GSS

Well the opportunity presented, and the lockdown rules finally allowed, so today the dog and I took a walk up GM/SS-129 Meikle Bin for an attempt at my first activation. I’ve had my FT817 for a long time now as a holiday/camping radio but this was it’s first try as a truly “portable” setup. On the way up to the summit my legs certainly felt their age, and the weight of the radio, tuner etc (whither imagined or real lol). However it was a lovely day and I didn’t even need to set up a shelter, just set the radio out on the low heather off to the side of the trig point and got the mast up. I didn’t have terribly high hopes, as I was intending to operate SSB (CW will come once my code speed is a little better!) and 5w isn’t an awful lot for voice, sure enough calling CQ SOTA resulted in a petulant silence from my radio, ahh well, thought I, it’s probably not to be today. So I spotted myself on sotawatch, and very shortly after Eric F5JKK came booming in, I was so surprised I didn’t even note down the rst I sent him… that seemed to open the floodgates and to my great surprise I had a brief mini pileup :-o I logged another ten calls both local and distant including one I didn’t recognise, SS6RPJ, who doesn’t appear on QRZ.COM but appears to hail from Sudan?!? All in all, brief, but very successful, Thank You to all the operators who called me up. I suppose I’m going to have to do it again now! :smiley:


Thanks for the report.
And welcome to SOTA.

Could it be a typo and it was S56RPJ ? But Sudan would be great of course.
Everything is possible with a spot out there.

73 Joe

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OF COURSE :smiley:

I have had far too few qsos to MM / GM !

73 Armin

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Hmm I was handwriting the calls and remember thinking I didn’t recognise an “SS” prefix", it’s possible I misheard the call, but the other operator didn’t correct me when I repeated it back so I hope it’s correct :-/ Would love confirmation, either way lol :slight_smile:

To paraphrase Obi-wan Kenobe “use the database Luke” :wink:

2021-04-19 10:05 S56RPJ MM0GSS/P GM/SS-129 Meikle Bin 14MHz SSB 2 31 Gordon

So Slovenia not Sudan.

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Ahh perfect Andy, thank you. That will teach me to write more clearly and not trust to failing memory! I shall correct my log :+1: Slovenia is still fair on 5w SSB :slight_smile: