My first 20 point activation day - not!

Had been planning to activate Mt Brandon EI/IS-003 and Brandon Peak EI/IS-007 and yesterday the forecast was looking good. I made it to the top of Mt Brandon in 3 hours and 10 minutes which is a 20 minute improvement on last year and for once the top wasn’t covered in cloud and the wind had died away and the sun was shining.

Got set up and pressed the key only to see the display of the 817 flashing “Tx Error”, and there was no indication of PO on the display, so can only presume the Finals have turned up their toes. Looks like a call to Yaesu from home on Friday.

Had to console myself with the magnificent views and a few pints of Guinness last night and abandon plans for Brickany EI/IS-085 for today.

Thanks to all the Chasers over the last 3 weeks.

73 Dave/EI/G4ASA

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Sorry to hear about your rig Dave.

Chasers had got used to your daily offerings from EI-land over the past 3 weeks and you were missed yesterday.

Many thanks for the ones you did manage to activate and your use of multi-bands for each activation was much appreciated. CU next year.


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TX Error? You’re trying to TX out of band. Turn the split or shift off and try again. Finals/driver failures result in no output but you don’t get a TX Error message.


Same thing has happened to me. I cannot transmit on HF SSB onmy 817 and get tx error message.
However am transmitting ok on CW FM and SSB on 70cm! Will take your advice and
look at split or shift. Thanks for your help.

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thanks for the advice, did do a Master Reset and am definitely in band now. The Bar Graph for the PO is not showing anything and did call a couple of stations to no avail. It’s all packed up now ready for the flight home tomorrow, so will have another look on Friday.


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Thanks Roy, hopefully will be back again in September.


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