MWRS Flagpole challenge

On the Funkperlen ham radio blog I stumbled across the Flagpole Challenge on Saturday, 16th September. An idea that’s brilliant because it’s not too serious.

It’s a total fit for SOTA activators, as our usual glass-fibre poles qualify as flagpoles and you get bonus points for displaying a flag on the pole and also for portable operation.
Pictures of SOTA flags attached to poles are often seen in the acticvation reports, so:
Anyone for the Flagpole Challenge?


Hi Pom,
It coincides with the “talk like a pirate day” - also a fun activity from the NSW based Manly Warringah ARC.

73 Ed. DD5LP (VK2JI).

Arrrr, gonna put me pirrrrate flag on display!

That’s VK3ARRRRRR :wink: