MW6BWA FROM GW-SW002 Apologies for disappearance

Sorry M3WDS and others. Was operating from GW/SW002 (Waun Fach in the Black Mountains in South Wales) yesterday (20 Feb) with an ufamiliar radio, a VX-2 from the back of the cupboard. The trusty VX-3 having gone back to the suppliers in disgrace (topic for another day). In the low cloud, wind and cold my fat fingers in double gloves must have hit a few buttons I hadn’t noticed and that was the end of transmission. Could not get the machine back in to working order quickly and had to abort as XYL, Rod M0JLA, had packed up and was slowly sinking into the bog. Sorry Matt M3WDS, I heard you well and you were 59+++ when you swung your beam. I know I wanted to finish but not that abruptly!! Also apologies we didn’t get to Myndd Troed as advertised as the walk out (and re starting the radio) took longer than expected and we had an evening engagement. We are determined to try Troed and Lllangorse one day. Thanks for all the contact from SW002, 8 in all thus beating SSB for once. SOTA is fun (especially in good weather!)
Viki M6BWA