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Rod I don’t know whether anyone has been up there recently but crossing Nant y Coed (if you’re going up from Llyn Celyn) after all the recent rain might be interesting. Take care.

Best wishes to you and Viki.

True. That one has beaten us before. Not by Nant y Coed (although that took some crossing!), but by deep snow on the other side.

After that experience, I can only assume that Nant y Coed may be even deeper and faster right now, and I certainly wouldn’t want to try and cross it.


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Or maybe:

unless we are to take something from the gif image!

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Karen (& Tom)

Your warning is very much appreciated. IF we actually get that far we will be approaching from the NNE and so will not be crossing Nant y Coed. (We went that way many years ago and have no fond memories.) It is probably not one of the many streams we have followed for long distances seeking a safe crossing and it won’t be added to the list this time; maybe Nant y Gilchedd will be. At present the weather forecast makes me presume that we will not be leaving the A5 until we reach Capel Curig and I will cancel the alert.

Congratulations on passing the 400 point mark for 2012 and good luck with the next 39. Given a decent spell of weather I expect you would have got those this long weekend; I was hoping to pass 400 points and 125 activations for the year. Not now expecting either unless the forecast changes a lot.

Hope to speak soon; best wishes and HNY to you and Neil.


Tom, Thank you also. I assume your link was originally incorrect but you have attended to the error. Hope to speak to Jimmy soon; best wishes and HNY to you both.
73, Rod

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Slightly dragging this off topic, but I’ve just moved my own activation plans from Saturday to Sunday. Tomorrow looks truly awful in North Wales, with maybe a little window open on Sunday morning.


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Yes, the wx looks pretty dire over the weekend Gerald.

Rod - I’d love to know how you get on with that route it would be much easier for road access for us. I guess you’re thinking of Bwlch Blaen-y-cwm and following the boundary up to the summit. It looks wet but then so does everywhere at the moment hihi. (My e-mail is on QRZ BTW).

Thanks for the congrats Rod and yes it might have been this weekend but for the great British weather which also caught Neil and I out on our last trip to the Lakes. I’d left my 2 ‘local’ summits til last in case of bad weather so must nip out and do those in the next few days - can’t miss 10 points on the doorstep!

Hope you both have a good trip and HNY.


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I was hoping to pass 400 points and 125 activations for the year. Not now
expecting either unless the forecast changes a lot.

Rod, I’m sorry I missed you and Viki on Moel Eilio today, conditions were atrocious I believe. Well done on achieving your goal for the year - especially when you have been doing so many of those SW and MW 1 pointers during the year.