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MW0ECX Activation of Pen Y Fan, GW/SW-001 Today


Short activation of Pen Y Fan today GW/SW-001 14:00 - 15:40. Thanks to M0SBF, M0WYB, G1HDQ/M, 2E0HPO/P, 2E0NBR/P, and GW3XHG/p for the QSOs on 2m fm. Apologies to any whom I missed, my pole fell over at this point due to the strongish up-slope wind. A further attempt to activate on 80m resulted in a snapped pole, although I was pleased to see that the IC 703 atu was able to match the doublet antenna on 80, 40, 20 m before the pole went. I gave up on a further attempt on 80 using a severely truncated pole due to the coldish wind (half a man!) and the fact that my wife and son had left the summit about 40 mins previously and were probably waiting for me. I think I need a more military spec pole (metal) to handle my clumsy operating technique.- Neil