Murphy's law (Activating Mt. Israel, W1/HA-019)

Simply said “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”
Although my activation of Mt. Israel can technically be called a success, I have learned a valuable lesson. Never set up under trees that are covered with ICE. If the temperature goes up it will make for a soggy day.
Despite my mistake, I had a great day. I logged 18 stations, with 5 from EU. I wish I could have stayed longer but all my gear was totally soaked.
Thanks to @OE6GND @HA5MA @F4WBN @SM5LNE @SA4BLM for their patience with my slow pace. As mentioned, WX conditions were not the best. My antenna loaded with ICE and the wind made it difficult to pull the weak ones out. BTW, I plan to invest in a set of ear plugs. I hope this will help.
73 guys, see you on the next one!


Great video Fred, well done. :+1:

Cheers Geoff vk3sq

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Thanks Geoff, SOTA can be challenging at times!!

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Thanks for the great video, Fred! I plan on activating Mt Israel during the W1 campout this year so this was very helpful. Can I give you my list of potential summits so you can document them for me before the campout! :rofl:

73, pat - ki4svm

Hello Friend,
Not Murphy. Everything worked.
Bring a lightweight tarp that helps protect
73 Carlos

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Murphy’s Law must be accompanied by KE6MAK’s Postulate:
Murphy Was An Optimist.


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Hi Pat,
No problem, send me your list.
73 fred

Congrats, as you made it work…WC1N