Multiple Summit Activation Angeles National Forest

I’m preparing for a multiple SOTA activation this weekend 10/11th May. Planned summits are:

Day 1
Throop Peak, W6/CT-005, 8 points
Kratka Ridge, W6/CT-014, 8 points
Vetter Mtn, W6/CT-021, 6 points
Table Mountain, W6/CT-067, 2291m, 8 points
Day 2
Mtn Islip, W6/CT-010, 8 points
Occidental Peak - 1747m, W6/CT-098, 6 points
San Gabriel Peak, W6/CT-019, 6 points

I hope to activate Throop approx. 8:15am PST, 15:15 ZULU on 10th May
I hope to activate Mtn. Islip approx 8:30am PST, 15:30 ZULU on 11th May
Following peaks each day will be about every 3 to 4 hours.

I’ll call primarily SSB CQ on 14.3425Mhz (+/- 2.5KHz dependent on QRM), and attempt to spot via SOTAwatch using cellular. Will also try on 7.285MHz SSB and 146.52MHz FM for local stations.

Each activation will last about 30mins but if there’s a pile-up I’ll try to work everyone.

In reply to K6YOA:

That is fantastically ambitious, Gary. I’ll look for detailed alerts on each peak on and only wish that you would be up as early as I will for some Summit-to-Summit action on Saturday. (Your current alert is for January 2038.)


In reply to K6YOA:

Post some alerts on the alerts page. Your message may get displayed by other messages on here and people will not know you are expected.

Note the date is posted dd/mm/yyyy (i.e. the correct way!) Best of luck with your activations.


In reply to K7ATN:

Alerts are now up for the correct year! Thanks for pointing that out.

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Sorry I can’t get active that early - I’m on the West Coast and I’ve a 2hr 30 min drive just to get to the trail head - it’s going to be a long day.

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Please note updated schedule - everything is now a little earlier on both Sat and Sun.

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That’s going to be a big weekend. I would like to make as many contacts with you as possible, but I, as well as others only have FM equipment. Would it be possible for you to operate on 146.520 FM. It would be greatly appreciated.
Jeff, K6QCB

In reply to K6YOA:
Gary, do not use 14.337 to call on. The county hunters are on 14.336 and will cause you problems within 5 kc plus or minus of that frequency.

Gary a. - W0MNA

In reply to W0MNA:

Thanks for the information, moving to 14.3425MHz. Updating alerts now.

Hopefully work you tomorrow and Sunday.

In reply to K6QCB:

Hi Jeff, I’ve now managed to get a VHF HT from another local ham. I’ll call on 146.52 as well. Would be great to work you if possible.


In reply to K6YOA:
Thanks for working 2 Meters FM. I was calling for you but never heard you. Did you hear me. I will be trying you again on Sunday.

Jeff, K6QCB

In reply to K6YOA:
Gary, I hope I can work you on 20 meters on Sunday. A bad storm with high winds came thru the area around 8:00 p.m. on Saturday and jammed something in the rotor that turns the beam antenna. The antenna is stuck pointing directly South. I’ll have to try fixing it ASAP but maybe not on Sunday.

Gary A. - W0MNA

In reply to W0MNA:

Sorry we did not get to work Sunday. I managed to spot on both mountains but had to use Alex Loop rather than endfed as my co-axial feed cable broke Saturday night. Greatly appreciate the chasing on Saturday and hope there’s not too much damage to the rotator.

In reply to K6YOA:

I’m now back from my Angeles SOTA adventure.

Day 1 went to plan. Day 2 was a little more problematic. Woke-up a little late and hike started in freezing temperatures and sustained winds of 20-30mph. Since Mtn. Islip is exposed this made the hike up pretty uncomfortable. Once on the summit though found a sheltered spot to hunker down. As the hike up took much longer than expected, I gave up on Occidental and San Gabriel peaks and hiked Waterman. I activated this later in the day.

THANKS SO MUCH to all those chasing. Great to work you all and it made it possible to successfully activate every peak.