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Multiple Database/SSO Accounts

Agreed… and while all your efforts are very much appreciated, you will be forever bombarded with these spurious accounts. It’s the Forth Road Bridge of the database, always requiring attention. Hence my suggestion that some way is found to stop them dead in their tracks. You’ve enough to deal with on other matters.

@F6HBI Done.


Thanks for this one Andy; good job!

There is another one: F5IUZ has upload 2 activations (dupe) on a second account F5IUZ/P that should be deleted.

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Hahahah, no!

username: F5IUZ/P has callsign F5IUZ and is the original 2006/7 vintage account with 180 activations
username F5IUZ has callsign F5IUZ/P s the extra account from 2019.

Usernames are what are used to identify your account. Callsign is what is shown on the honour rolls. You can see how easy it is to get in a muddle :wink:

I’ll do it tonight.

We have this. “XXX - No Association Yet” and it was talking to a guy last night who was registering so he could spot someone that an interesting bit of human nature was revealed. He was looking for Florida and searched the list and couldn’t find it. However, he only scrolled as far as the W entries and no further. It’s understandable if you see lots of W associations and don’t see W4 Florida would you keep going past all the VE and VK entries to see if something else existed?

So a quick tweak and “XXX - No Association Yet” is now “1X - No Association” and is top of the list. I expect some people who correctly assigned themselves to be confused that their association has moved or changed but it should not materially affect anything other the majority having to scroll one item further than before to find their associations in the drop down.


Also done. Thanks for pointing this out Gerald. I have changed one of my scripts that searches for dupe accounts as it never spotted this case. It does now.

Hi Andy,
1X because the number 1 will be indexed before any other letter and number, but what if some day we have association 1A?
Would the number zero 0 be indexed before the number 1?.
To me, a “000 - No Association Yet” would be more intuitive (i.e. null association) and I think it would be indexed at the top of the list.


It’s a problem to solve when when we create a 1A - Sovereign Military Order of Malta association. :wink: But that is unlikely as we have 9H already covering the summits there.


Since we have been discussing registration behaviour with database, I thought the reflector registration behaviour worth a comment… In the last month (31 days) 45 people have signed up to the reflector of whom 17(38%) have never logged in again after their regstration was approved. Some did log in but didn’t read any post so overall 23 (51%) have so far read no post. Why?

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Hello Andy,
Just for info, i noticed some accounts anomalies.
-FK8IK has an activator account, and a F/FK8IK (chaser only).
-There is an account seen in F chase honnor roll “nocall” that is log from F0CRM (now F8CRM)
i have somme more…
all these account with /P (F/HB9FPF/P F1IKD/P F4IOQ/P F5PMR/P F4AGR/P F4ABK/P F5NRJ/P F4HVZ/P)
and also F6KCZ/P Radio-Club (no operator known)
and also Special Call registered:

None of this account have dupe QSO, so i am off-topic this thread.
73 Gerald

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It’s useful stuff Gerald and I will use it to clean up the accounts.

In the same manor looking at the OE activator listings:

It looks like there were accounts created for special event callsigns (instead of logging the QSO by the operators with the call)

  • OE50XFG/P : X at beginning of suffix is a club station (OE rules)
  • OE2013Q
    Those above are somehow associated to Franz OE6WIG as far as I can tell from the QRZ.com pages
  • OE6XNF : X at beginning of suffix is a club station. OP seams to be OE6FBD
  • OE2013V

73 Joe

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OE8SPW has registered the call OE8XBH on the reflector so worth checking whether he has done so on the database



All fine, they have just set their call to include /P

Dupe accounts, merged

Merged to F4CMC as owner

The TMxxxx need some extra magic so they can remain for now. The SSO accounts are locked so things cannot get worse!

Access disabled for the special / clubs whilst I consider the best way of merging.

Thanks for the job Andy; now i can go up to summits!


Hello Andy, it’s me again
About this 2 accounts F/HB9FPF and F/FK8IK the problem is that on the Kasper’s site sotl.as, if we make a research on the box the answer is user unknown.
HB9FPF, Callbooks, #### Logged activations, Activator not found in database
I think we had already resolved some users account with F/ and /P, 2 or 3 years ago.
Good w-e, from Gerald

The last one…
Club Stations logged as users:
73 from Gerald

Changing signup so that “1X - No association yet” is the default has reduced the number of false Bouvet Island sign ups.

Sadly there are still people signing up and not setting their home association. What surprises me about this is people from Korea/Japan etc. who use non-Latin character sets select the correct home association as do the majority of people who do not have English as a first language. Now the vast majority of people signing up without setting the association are Americans which makes no sense to me.

For Japan try this :


= Anata no jimoto no kyōkai ga raten’arufabetto de yomeru koto o kakuninshitekudasai

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