Multi operator/same callsign activation question

Tomorrow @LA3NGA and me are planning an activation of LA/TM-049 Holtankollen, and we are planning on using a group callsign. I haven’t found any info on how this is achieved in the SOTA database FAQ. Is it as simple as each of us uploading our own QSO’s, or is something else required?


Just enter the QSOs into your own account with the group callsign you used.

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General rules states:
3.7.1 Criteria for a valid Expedition _
11. Activator points accrue to the operator regardless of the callsign used. The operator must be entitled to use the callsign. Multiple operators of the same station may claim activator points. Each individual operator must make the minimum number of QSOs stated above in order to claim Activator points.

So, enter QSOs into your own account with the callsign that you all used (group callsign). Each one of you should do, at least, 4 QSOs to claim the point.

Vy 73,
Pedro, CT1DBS

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Thanks both of you :slight_smile:

Another question then; The summit we’re activating used to be on the “worlds most popular summits” list, but is no longer visible there. Considering the number of activations it should be the 5th most popular in the world. Does any of you have a clue why that may have happened?

No longer visible where ?

Here: SOTA Database

It should be on the 5th place on that list with it’s 635 activations.

It hasn’t been activated in 2018 so it wont appear in the table.

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Ohh! You’re right.
I never stop to take a look to that list before.
That list it’s just a curiosity. No real impact on SOTA operations.

Vy 73

Pedro, CT1DBS

Yeah, it’s just for fun, unless the summits have their own award scheme they haven’t told us about :thinking:

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Thanks for the explanation :wink: Hopefully we’ll fix that tomorrow