Much more than a 10-point summit.

After several weeks of waiting due to weather conditions, the perfect weather window arrived in Asturias.

The ascent to the top of the Canto Cabronero cannot be underestimated.

It is said that this summit is number 7 among the 100 most beautiful peaks of Asturias.

To get there I chose to start from the beautiful town of Soto de Sajambre. There is large parking, free, at the entrance: 43.160707, -5.038424.

Ref : EA1/AT-238

Distance: 14.5 km

Positive elevation gain: 1170 m

Maximum altitude: 1998 m

Time: quadriceps and abductors depends…

The ascent runs in its first kilometers along the famous “Arcediano” path, an ancient communication route between Asturias and Leon.

The wide and steep meadows characterize this route.

Quite steep…

It is worth noting the two points in which certain precautions must be taken. The first is in the so-called channel of the “Misa”.

The second is right on the final wall that will take us to the north summit. At these points it may be necessary to use your hands in some steps of the climb.

One of the most impressive things on this Summit, and you cannot imagine until you have reached the top, are the breathtaking views that you will have. This balcony can hardly be real. A feeling of excitement runs through you. Right in front of you the spectacular Western Massif of the Picos de Europa and a little further behind the Massif Central. Lots of summits waiting to be activated…

Once the site to place the antenna was chosen, the activation was quite entertaining with qso with good Friends and with great S2S, perhaps some absences were noted due to the FH convention.

The first set up was a telescopic whip getting a good run at 20m cw. Somewhat later I raised the 6m rod hoping the 21m long EFHW would give me some local qso but the surprise was that it can only do a single S2S in 40m. The RTX was once again the venerable 817.

The sun was beating down very hard and it was time to dismount and begin the careful descent.

All in all a fantastic day discovering impressive places and sharing it with friends.

73!! Javi - EA2GM


Very impressive Javi :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Javi,

thanks for your report! A tough job to reach the summit.

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Thanks Javi for such a beautiful report.
An impressive climb and a wonderful scenario. Well done!!

I missed the QSO with you while in DL. As you said, too many SOTA activators in FH, hi.
73 de Ignacio


Great report and photos. Fantastic area!


Nice report, Javi!

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Welldone Javi, finally you activated a 10 pts summit, cheers!!

Beatifull landscapes and good weather, congrats.

I was able QSO with you, hihi.