So now the dust has settled, how many MTR5-Bs are we going to hear on SOTA activations?
Any lucky winners…
I expect most will be in NA :frowning:


According to latest email from KD1JV, the 98 available kits sold out in less than a hour! Yowser!

To say that CW was supposed to be the outdated mode, its amazing that there is so much demand for CW rigs. I’m surprised that the established manufacturers don’t introduce a CW only lightweight transceiver.

I’m smiling a lot tonight :wink:

73, Colin M1BUU

Like Colin, I was also a lucky winner.

Barry N1EU

Me too! An opportunity to customize an enclosure to include space for battery, etc.
John K1JD

I’ll be watching with interest as they start to appear.
I actually decided I’d give this one a miss as it’s not that different from tmy ATS4.
Have fun :smile:


an only CW trx can be optained by YOUKITS. HB-1B gives you 4 bands. Not a kit but a very good trx and light.