MTR V2 radio commercially available January

For those of you who missed out on the latest MTR radio from KD1JV, you can now buy the transceiver fully assembled from LNR Precision Inc.

Roger MW0IDX

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Do I really need one?

Hopefully this will bring a glut of unbuilt kits to the market place :smile:


I’ll believe it when I see it, to date they have not been good on keeping promises about release of previous products!

Victor GI4ONL

Seems they have pulled there finger out and started producing some trancievers. Just checked on the LNR website and it seems the FX4/LD5 transceivers are in stock.

Been toying with the idea of purchasing an LD5 since August, as the finger was hoovering over the add to bag this morning, I asked myself is it really worth it. My ft817 will be kept as my SOTA rig, for the sake of 800g in weight and the loss of other bands it’s not for me.
As for the commercial MTR v2 still showing as not in stock and should be ready end of Jan 2015 for all those waiting.