MTR Order alert

KD1JV is taking deposits for the latest MTR. As a first timer I just reserved one.

Ian mm0gyx

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Is there a link Ian?

Thanks, Bob KW3F

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Hi Bob, there’s the AT Sprint yahoo group which has all the details including the link.

Ian mm0gyx

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Only 13 hours to go…
If I don’t get one I know the next batch will be bug free!

The link to buy/reserve one is:

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Too late!

Steven Weber via
5:05 PM (1 minute ago)

to AT_Sprint

Dispite my messing up the order page URL, 169 of you found it and of course, there are only 150 to go around so I’ll have to start issuing refunds to 19 of you. I wish I had an endless supply of these, but that is simply not possible for many reasons.

Thanks for another overwhelming responce!

72, Steve KD1JV

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Thanks for the heads up Ian on the MTR, managed to reserve one for myself.


(Late) Christmas present Alert!

Steve has just announced the following:

I am pleased to announce that the 3 band Mountain Topper will be
commercially available as a fully assembled product from LnR Precision. They
should be available for purchuse around the end of January and will cost

Steve KD1JV

So all you folks who are missing out will have their wishes fulfilled :smile:

Also a bit further down the line:

This is very premature, but I’m about done laying out a new board for what I tenativley call the “MTR 5B” as it will be 5 bands. Basically a somewhat smaller version of the ATS-4.

I laid out the board to have the option to use one of two displays. One is a small 2x16 ASCII LCD with backlight. The other is an even smaller 128x64 OLED grahics display, which I think are used in cheap cell phones. From China thier less then $5.00. Besides the price (half of what the LCD would cost) the OLED does not need a back light so is more battery efficent. You might need to use your dollar store reading glasses to see it though!

I had one free port, so I made it one of the A/D inputs so the audio could be jumpered over to it. For CW/HELL decoding additional DSP filtering shouldn’t be needed, which would simplify things considerably.

I’m also thinking of at least adding a resistive SWR bridge and maybe a parallel tuned EFHW antenna tunner. That would add about an inch to the length of the board, increasing it from 3.6" to 4.6", which would make it the same size as the ATS-4’s.

Anyway, this is just a “heads up” as the actual product is still a long ways off, at least a couple, three months. But it should be a good platform for doing something like this.

Steve KD1JV

Pete :gb:

LNR Precision MTRs go on sale tonight (8pm EDT in US) get your plastic ready!

73, Colin M1BUU