Mt Sterling Looks like a Go

Ok, it looks like my activation for MT Sterling W4C/CM-010 is a go for tomorrow night 3/14/2013. I hope to be on the summit and have my campsite set up by around 2000hrs UTC 1600 local. I will start on 20 and 40m.

Around 2300 UTC 1900 local I will try to be on 80m and 40m. I plan to keep at it until I get too cold or my battery dies. I hope I can get a fire going to keep me toasty.

Hope to get as many chasers as I can


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John, place an alert on the alerts page. Not everyone will read all the various topic threads but they will check the alerts pages.


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Mt Sterling was a great success! I am dog tired and I will work up a good video and write up after a looong nap!