Mt. San Cristobal EA2/NV-119 by EA2IF/P on 30/05/2015

I was a bit worried with the weather because Juan-Carlos EA2EEB told me last night it was raining in Roncesvalles, up in the North of Navarra, right on the French border, not too far from here. But we luckily had a glorious weather this morning and I could succesfully activate again Mt. San Cristobal. On SSB this time as I promised after the CW only activation of last Saturday. The WPX CW contest is running this weekend so it’s a perfect chance for SSB-only activations or WARC bands.
I self spotted through the new SMS spotting system recently put in place by Iñigo EA2CQ. It’s of great help. Thank you, Iñigo!
I logged 25 QSO on 20m SSB and 3 of them were S2S. Thanks a lot for your calls. This is the log of today’s activation:

Best 73 and have a nice weekend.


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See that KA1R caught you as well
He was working a few Sota,s I was chasing also :slight_smile:


Hi Karl, thanks for chasing me again this morning. It was good to hear you again.
Yes, it looks like Matt - KA1R has a good station because he has chased me 4 times so far and it also seems he doesn’t sleep much, because it must have been around 4 AM EST when he chased me today and I heard him much later calling S57PZ/P without success at 14h10 utc, which must be around 10 AM for him. Chasers needing very little sleep have a good advantage, as they can keep chasing almost all day and night :wink:
Best 73 de Guru

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Hello … my work I also KA1R with tremendous signal 9 + 20…