Mt Pomany VK2/CT-023

This activation was to have taken place last Saturday 7th and had high hopes. A lot depended on water availability as it is still summer here in VK land. Access was a long bushwalk through pretty remote country. The was much thick scratchy head high scrub predominately the last 2 kms which delayed me greatly. Upon reaching the base of the Pomany massif rather late found that the old cattlemans water trough was long neglected and no longer supplying water.
No water that night as had used up all the water I had so an uncomfortable night, next morning made the dry weary waterless 8 km trudge back to Hoolem Boy Gap where I knew from previous walks had water available.
The hot weary trudge through rugged country back to H.B.Gap was one of the worst wilderness experiences I have ever had.
The reader cannot imagine my joy when finally came to the small pools which were deep in a creek gully.
A good rest and then a camp with the luxuries of campfires, many drinks, cups of tea, hot meal, and a comfortable night. Plenty of water sloshing in Camelback bladder for the last steep walk back to my car at Nullo Mountain.
My thanks to those whom took an interest in my attempt and hopefully working some dx but sadly things did not pan out.
Given the isolation of Mt Pomany and the difficulty in getting there as access has changed think it will be quite a while before some one makes an activation of this summit.

Cheers, Nick VK2AOH

I have a friend who has emigrated to Australia, so he has told me of the issues of getting to places when you can’t guarantee that you will have drinking water.

Well done on the attempt Nick. As always, life and safety has to come first.

Well done trying. Thanks for warning the rest of us about the necessary precautions for that one.
73 Andrew VK1DA/2uh