Mt. Pirata KP4/VQ-001 in Vieques Is. 23/11/2019

This is the only info I’ve got about this SOTA activation plan.
I guess they will have quite a huge pile-up, but may be not that huge, given the CQ WW DX CW contest will keep many operators busy…
Good luck!



I’ve just found there’s an alert on SOTAwatch:



Congratulations to the NP3VI operators for a successfull activation of KP4/VQ-001.
Unfortunately I was unable to make my call copied despite having been calling them over nearly 45 minutes… :frowning_face:
But I heard how they made QSO with a good number of Europeans from EA, I, DL, ON, etc and also Americans from Canada, USA, KP4, CO…
Well done!


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Another reason for the successful activation that it is also a rare IOTA NA-249 group. Only 16% of active IOTA program participants claimed credit for this islands group.

Darn, wish I would have seen this earlier. I have some fond memories of being out on Vieques Island back in the early 80’s as a young Marine. I spent a few weeks on a high mountain top on a comm shot back to Roosey Roads Naval Sta. Spent a lot of time snorkeling, beach combing, and partying with the local “viequeros”. They would ride up to the top on horseback and bring us some adult beverages :wink: and we’d trade our C-rats for grilled ham and cheese sandwiches! They showed us a walk thru hole in the security fence down on the beach which lead to a local village. We had the best duty there! Our 1stSgt couldn’t figure out why we kept volunteering to stay on site and not rotate back to Roosey Rds. Ha! Operated a PRC-104 from up there as well. Was actually hard for civilians to get access to the island due to almost 2/3’s of the island being military installations…73, Todd KH2TJ