Mt. Harriaundi EA2/NV-108 by EA2IF/P on 21/09/2019

I have well recovered after my 6th chemotherapy session and after long time not doing other than drive-up summits due to the various different constrains I have from my cancer treatments, I was feeling so well today that I decided to try an easy hike in order to test my strength and ability to do short and easy hikes. Everything went fine!
>Me he recuperado bien tras mi 6ª sesión de quimioterapia y tras largo tiempo no haciendo más que cimas accesibles en coche debido a las diferentes restricciones que tengo derivadas de mis tratamientos por mi cáncer, me sentía tan bien hoy que decidí intentar una subida fácil para probar mis fuerzas y mi capacidad para hacer subidas fáciles y cortas. Todo fue bien!

The mountain looked like this when I was approaching the hiking start point at the village of Osacar, just 17Km to the North of Pamplona:
>La montaña se veía así cuando me estaba aproximando al punto de arranque de la subida en el pueblo de Osacar, solo 17Km al Norte de Pamplona:

One part of the hike takes place through a nice bleech trees forest:
>Una parte de la subida tiene lugar a través de un bonito hayedo.

At the end of the bleech trees forest, there is a cairn and the summit is finally at sight a few hundred meters ahead:
>Al final del hayedo hay un hito de piedras y la cima está finalmente a la vista pocos cientos de metros más adelante.

At the summit, where I got to after a 25 minutes relaxed hike, there are the ruins of an ancient ermitage:
>En la cima, a la que llegué tras 25 minutos de relajada subida, están las ruinas de una antigua ermita.

The views from the summit were very nice in spite of the very cloudy sky:
>Las vistas desde la cima eran muy bonitas a pesar del cielo muy nublado:

A bit of simple engineering made with a couple of stones and a couple of cords and the fishing rod got easily erected.
>Un poco de sencilla ingeniería hecha con un par de piedras y un par de cuerditas y la caña de pescar quedó fácilmente erigida.

The 10m long endfed wire antenna + 6m counterpoise wire on the ground got ready to start the operation:
>La antena de 10m de cable alimentados en el extremo + 6m de cable de contraantena por el suelo quedaron listos para empezar la operación:

The rig was the usual FT-817ND at 5 watts with an MFJ-941B antenna tuner.
There we go…
>El equipo fue el habitual FT-817ND a 5 vatios con un acoplador de antenas MFJ-941B.
Allá vamos…

Lucho, the dog, patiently waiting, as always:
>Lucho, el perro, esperando pacientemente, como siempre:

The operation was not easy at times and I had to work hard in order to maintain discipline among some of the chasers in the pile-up.
>La operación no fue fácil a veces y tuve que trabajar duro para mantener la disciplina entre algunos de los cazadores en el pile-up.

My time on air started at 11h45z, ended at about 15h30z --which is 3 hours 45 minutes-- and the bands, modes and QSOs made were as follows:

  • 20m CW: 34 QSOs in 50 minutes, 7 of which were S2S and 2 DX with the USA.

  • 10m SSB: 1 QSO.

  • 17m CW: 15 QSOs in 37 minutes, 2 of which were DX with the USA.

  • 40m SSB: 83 QSOs in 46 minutes, not all but most of them within EA.

  • back to 20m CW: 19 QSOs in 38 minutes, 1 of which was S2S and 2 DX with the USA.

  • 20m SSB: 7 QSOs in 6 minutes, one of which was S2S.

>Mi tiempo en el aire empezó a las 11h45z, terminó a eso de las 15h30z --lo que son 3 horas 45 minutos-- y las bandas, modos y QSOs realizados fueron como sigue:

  • 20m CW: 34 QSOs en 50 minutos, 7 de los cuales fueron SaS y 2 DX con los EE.UU.

  • 10m SSB: 1 QSO.

  • 17m CW: 15 QSOs en 37 minutos, 2 de los cuales fueron DX con los EE.UU.

  • 40m SSB: 83 QSOs en 46 minutos, no todos pero la mayoría de ellos dentro de EA.

  • de vuelta a 20m CW: 19 QSOs en 38 minutos, 1 de los cuales fue SaS y 2 DX con los EE.UU.

  • 20m SSB: 7 QSOs en 6 minutos, uno de los cuales fue SaS.

All in all, 159 QSOs in the log, 9 of which were S2S and 6 DX with the USA.
This is the first time I’ve got so many QSOs in one of my SOTA activator logs and I will not post this huge log here, for a change, as it’s going to be too long. However, you can always check it in the database, where it’s been already uploaded.
>En total 159 QSOs en el log, 9 de los cuales fueron SaS y 6 DX con los EE.UU.
Ésta es la primera vez que he conseguido tantos QSOs en uno de mis logs de activador SOTA y no publicaré aquí este enorme log, para variar, pues va a resultar demasiado largo. No obstante, ustedes siempre pueden mirarlo en la base de datos, donde ha sido ya cargado.

You can see it on the map:
>Pueden verlo en el mapa:

After packing up, a final picture towards the North-West as we started descent:
Después de empacar, una última foto hacia el Noroeste al iniciar el descenso:

Last picture of this mountain taken from the car on my way home. Good bye, Mt. Harriaundi and thanks for the good time you let me had with you.
>Última foto de ésta montaña tomada desde el coche en mi camino de vuelta a casa. Adiós Mt. Harriaundi y gracias por el buen tiempo que me has dejado pasar contigo.

Thanks dear chasers for your calls and QSOs.
I’ll be looking forward to copying you all again very soon from a summit.
>Gracias estimados cazadores por sus llamadas y QSOs.
Estaré esperando copiarles a todos ustedes de nuevo muy pronto desde una cima.




Hello Guru
Thanks for your activity report and glad to read that you were hiking again. It’s good for morale
You were at the right place at the right moment. I have not worked so much qso since a very long time.
Best 73 and take care of you!
André f5ukl

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I am so pleased you are able to get out and about after all the chemo treatment - good on you :+1::+1:

What is that object your mast is lashed to?

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Dear Guru, a S2S with you is always a pleasure!

I/LO-197 Monte Sornadello Nord 1588 m.

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Thanks Barry,
Yes, I feel highly encouraged for a good outcome of this whole story.
I hope it will be successfully finished by some time in Spring next year or by Summer latest. I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed :slight_smile:
The object I attached the mast to is the mountaineers mailbox, which in this summit, as well as in some others I’ve been to, is a rocket.
Vandalism must have bent the rocket support metal pole and that’s why I had to improvise a sort of shimming at its base in order to fill the gap thus allowing for a nearly vertical fishing rod.


. . . a mailbox? I suppose this will be digitized soon, hi! :wink:

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

I definitely feel the same about S2S with you, Fabio!
It was a bit hard yesterday to get the pile-up in QRX when I asked for /P only. I made S2S with I believe it was Juerg HB9BIN/P and then I called you and gave you my RST but you didn’t show up. It was probably the QSB or perhaps you had momentarily QSY. Fortunately you called me back a bit later and we succeeded on our S2S.
Several chasers seemed to be a bit too anxious and impatient yesterday. They need to understand that an S2S is always an interesting chance for any SOTA activator and these QSOs will always be prioritaire.
Thanks for the nice picture of the views from your summit. Always nice to see where the other S2S partner is.


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TNX S2S Guru & TNX for nice report :wink:

73, Jarek SP9MA

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Rocket Mail? First tried out to a Scottish island, not very successful I believe :smile:

Hi Guru,
Nice to see you back!
Just a word “SOTA makes you strong”
73 from Gerald F6HBI

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Mt. Ireber EA2/NV-058 also has a rocket at the summit. See picture in my 2016 activation report.

There was another different type of rocket on top of Mt. Otsogorrigaine, where I was only once when I only was about 18 or 19 years old. Its SOTA ref. is EA2/NV-006 and I’ll have to go there and activate it in order to find out if that other type of rocket still remains there after so many years.
Mountaineers use those mailboxes to leave a card as proof of their presence in that summit, mainly for mountaineering clubs and summit bagging ranking.


Hi Guru

Those pictures remind me so much of the forests in that area. Great to have you walking up so readily.
I think it is interesting to consider how those mailboxes etc have evolved into things like the sotadata website, I guess GMA and WWFF have similar facilities. Also the geocaching activity, which uses apps to record “finds”. A few people walking the Camino are also dashing onto side roads to find such treasures. I am glad enough just to reach the end of each day safely and at the intended destination.
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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Hello Guru!
It was great working you twice on 20M. First time you had an ok signal. The second time I figured I would let you know you had a lot better signal here in Four Oaks, North Carolina. It was my pleasure to
put you in the log two times on your hike. Thanks for the great Q’s.
de John Paul // AB4PP

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Hello Guru,
All the best to you and hope to see you on S2S.
Kindly, FGLZ Jean

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