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Mt. Esparatz EA2/NV-095 by EA2IF/P on 09/02/2014


I had the pleasure to activate Mount Esparatz EA2/NV-095 this morning in the good company of Santi - EA2BSB.

The temperature was slightly above freezing with little wind and we enjoyed the great propagation conditions.
This is me when setting up the GP antenna attached to the trig point:

When in the summit, I was lucky and managed to contact 3 other summits, 2 of them on 2m in EA2 call area and the 3rd one on 20m in OK land.
I collected 69 QSOs in total. Quite an interesting number… :wink:

My working conditions were FT-817ND at 5w with a home made GP antenna made of 7m long telescopic fishing rod with 8 wire radials.
Thanks to all for your calls. As usual, I had a great time again today and I’ll look forward to copying you all again from another summit soon.
Best 73,

Guru - EA2IF


In reply to EA2IF:

Zorionak, Guru, I could hear Iñaki EB2GKK while making S2S with you from EA2/BI-003. Meanwhile I was climbing to EA2/BI-064, but being with my 9 y.o. son, Oier, and due to the cold and wind, I was using only the 2m chinese talkie, and it was impossible for me to hear you. So we’ll try next time.


73 de Mikel


In reply to EA2CW:
Eskerrik asko, Mikel. Thank you very much. Yes, Santi told me you were in a summit but our signals weren’t reaching each other places. It was shame but I’m sure we’ll have some other chances in the near future.
Inaki-EB2GKK told us about the very cold and windy conditions in the summit he was at this morning. He had to be lying on the ground when talking to us on 2m due to the strong and cold wind.
I see you had about the same WX in the area of your summit.
We were lucky because we had neither wind nor rain in our activation. Just a mild cold breeze when we reached the very summit, which I could get rid of thanks to a rocky sort of wall right where the geodesic vertex point was.
Take care, Mikel, and see you soon - laster arte.
73 de Guru - EA2IF


I have editted this old activation report to add some few pictures.
I hope you’ll enjoy them.