Mt. de Ancos EA1/CR-042 by EA2IF/P on 31/12/2018

My last activation of 2018 was a great pleasure with a beautiful day of blue sky and temperatures of slightly below 20 degrees C at the summit.
I had alerted last night knowing that the start time would be unsure and I must apologise because I finally didn’t make it for the alerted start time, as I had different things I had to take care of before.
When I finally ascended the mountain road and parked the car, this is how it looked the trivial, very brief ascent I had to hike to be in the summit.

It took me just a couple or three minutes to get to the top.
I immediately tied my fishing rod to these branches you’ll see in the following picture:

This is the full set-up:

10m long wire in sloper to a 9:1 un-un. From this a counterpoise wire going to the top of the tube in the trypod and then sloping gently until it got tied to some bush branch.
This is a closer look to the feeding point.

And this is how I operated my FT-817 at 5 watts output:

The operation went as follows:

  • 20m CW, where I logged 14 QSOs in 25 minutes, being 2 of these S2S with Slovenian summits and 1 DX with the USA.
  • 20m SSB, where I logged 10 QSOs in 25 minutes. Two of these QSOs were particularly nice and longer than usual chats. Thanks Mario DJ2MX and Axel DL8NDG for the very enjoyable QSOs today.
  • 30m CW, where I logged 8 QSOs in 7 minutes.
  • 40m CW, where I logged 16 QSOs in 16 minutes.
  • 20m CW again, where I logged 11 QSOs in 13 minutes, being 6 of them DX with the USA.

All in all, 59 QSOs, 2 S2S and 7 DX with the USA.
This is the full log:

And this is the S2S log:

This is the view towards the Ferrol estuary from the summit:

Thanks dear chasers for your calls and QSOs.
I have enjoyed very much these Christmas Season holidays activations and I look forward to many more equally enjoyable activations over the 2019, where you, dear chasers, will keep being the key part of such enjoyment.
Happy New Year and lots of SOTA to you all.



Hi Guru
Nice to catch you today, s nice report and a great days SOTA by looking at your log.
HNY and hope to do a S2S soon


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