Mt Brenton VE7/CV-010 - My first 4 pointer

It was a long weekend in Canada, and I decided to take the opportunity to attempt a unique summit. I aimed for a 4-pointer, as I hadn’t activated one yet. After receiving some advice, VE7JH graciously allowed me to join him on the hike to Mt Brenton VE7/CV-010.

To reach Mt Brenton, we took a forestry road that is open on weekends and holidays. Fortunately, it was open for us on Victoria Day. We met at 8 am and had to wait for about 10 minutes for the gate to open before setting off.

After approximately 30 minutes of driving, we reached a point where a 4x4 vehicle was necessary to proceed further.

From there, we embarked on a 1 hour and 20-minute hike to the summit. The weather was cool and foggy. Near the top, we encountered a repeater site for the local club, which was an interesting sight. I was surprised by the amount of snow present. In some areas, it was around 3-4 feet deep, but it was hard enough to walk on, so snowshoes were not required.

Once we set up at the summit, it began to drizzle lightly. For my antenna, I utilized a 17-foot whip with a couple of radials placed on the ground. Second time using this setup and I quite like it because it makes for a very quick setup and tear down. I spotted myself via APRS and quickly made about 14 contacts, including F4WBN in France, which was fantastic. As it started to get wetter, I packed up and, just for fun, made a quick attempt on 2 meters, managing to have a QSO with VE7URL.

Naturally, as soon as we finished packing up and began descending, the rain stopped.

Overall, it was a enjoyable day, marking my first 4-point summit activation and my first time activating alongside another SOTA activator.