Mt. Bailadora EA1/CR-038 by EA2IF/P on 29/12/2018

Mt. Bailadora, the 1 pointer at the entrance of the Ferrol estuary has provided a memorable SOTA activation today.

Instead of the 10m long wire I often use as a sloper in my endfed antenna, I used today a 21m wire in inverted vee position. This was my set up today:

I tried to start on 17m, but I didn’t manage to find a low SWR matching with my MFJ-941B tuner, so I proceeded as follows:

  • 20m CW, where I logged 11 QSOs in 10 minutes, being 3 of them DX with the USA.
  • 20m SSB, where I logged 7 QSOs in 11 minutes, being 1 of them a S2S and 2 more DX with the USA.
  • back to 20m CW, where I logged 4 QSOs in 10 minutes, being 1 of them a S2S with EA8 another a DX with VE and one QSO with 4Z.
  • 30m CW, where I logged 10 QSOs in 23 minutes, being 2 of them S2S.
  • 40m CW, where I logged 22 QSOs in 28 minutes.
  • back to 20m CW, where I logged 16 QSOs in 39 minutes, being 14 of them DX with the USA from really distant states like CA, AZ, CO, OK…

A few minutes before the end of this activation, I took this picture of the views from my operating position:

Total was 70 QSOs in the log, 4 S2S and 20 DX from North-America.
This is the log:


And this is the S2S log:

The sky was blue and it was nice to be operating in the sunshine, but once the Sun lowered the constant humid wind kept blowing and cooled my body, so I again finished my activation feeling cold and shivering, as usual. But I enjoyed it so much that it really worths a bit of thermal-masoquism :slight_smile:

Thanks dear chasers for all your calls and QSOs.

I look forward to making new QSOs with you all from another summit.

73 and HNY,

P.D. In the activation log I posted, the “Own callsign” is EA2IF but this was not true, the actual callsign used was EA2IF/P. I realised of this error and I deleted the wrong activator log in the database to upload a correct log with Own callsign EA2IF/P.

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Hi Guru,

Nice activation! I was thrilled to make it into your logbook today from Southern California! I had been listening to you for awhile hoping that your signal would get a little stronger before I called. I was running 100 watts to a 40m long End Fed Half Wave Inverted Vee antenna. 73 and Happy New Year!

Paul K9PM

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