Mt. Alaitz_EA2/NV-064 by EA2IF/P on 05/10/2014

On Friday Oct. 3rd afternoon Mt. Alaitz looked like this:

It’s only 18 Km East from my QTH and I hadn’t yet activated it, so I decided that this would be my Sunday morning activation.
By 8h15 (local) = 6h15 utc my dog Lucho and I were on our way to Alaitz Summit.

We were following an easy and clear path:

This is a view of Untzueko Harria (EA2/NV-101) seen from the ascent path:

This other view shows Txanburu (EA2/NV-071) and Elomendi (EA2/NV-037) with its big antenna on top.

After a while, the wide path turned into a narrower one:

Later it changed:

Then we had to cross a beautiful bleech tree forest with the path clearly marked all the way up:

It finally looked like we were going to reach the Summit:

And after an hour of ascent, we reached the Summit:

There was a cloud stuck on the top of the mountain, so it was wet and little drops of water were dropping so I had to find a sheltered place for the rig and myself, as well as protect it with a Little umbrella to prevent water from falling on me and the equipment.

The activation went very well. I started on 2m FM for a S2S QSO with Ignacio at Mt. San Cristobal (EA2/NV-119), After a second QSO on 2m FM, I continued with 20m CW, then switched to SSB and then followed 30m. When the pile ups had all faded away, I looked at sotawatch and worked some S2S QSOs on 20m SSB and 2m FM.
All in all, I logged 81 QSOs today, including VK5PAS on 20m SSB and 7 S2S QSOs.
I had a lot of fun and want to thank all the chasers, spotters and friends for being there.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF and hope to copy you soon again.


Hi Guru,

nice to had the S2S today with you.
I’m happy we both enjoyed our activation and look forward to do a joint activation soon.

Take care on the summits, and keep on carrying your umbrella in the next months… ;o)

VY 73 Ignacio. EA2BD

Hi Ignacio,
First of all, very congrats for your success with VK DX in your Sunday morning activation. You did very good work, with the help of our VK colleagues, of course :wink:
Yes, it was very nice our S2S QSO and I hope you’ll become a Sunday morning activator, rather than Saturday’s, for us to enjoy DX with VK, S2S QSOs between us and some joint activation from time to time too, as we’ve done some times in the past.
Thank you dear friend, have a nice week and best 73 de Guru - EA2IF