"Mr Motivator"

Those who worked SP-002 today have SOTA’s “Mr Motivator” Tom M1EYP, to thank. The rest of us wanted to stay in the warm car rather than brave the elements… It was surprisingly unpleasant at the parking spot and Tom was faced with a 4:1 mutiny at one point.



In reply to G3CWI:
Well… thanks then Tom, Richard et al. GMTV will have you on the books in no time.

Nice to work Jimmy too as I can’t often hear 80m SSB stations in the middle of the day with my noise level at home. He came out of the noise nicely at one point.

Was soup involved as an incentive/bribe/punishment at any point?

73 MX es HNY Marc G0AZS

It was more of a case of head down and carry on putting on my waterproofs and boots Marc. Despite all the expressed reluctance, the other four carried on doing so as well, correctly identifying that I wasn’t going to give up at that point. This led me to believe that they all wanted to fulfil the planned expedition “really”.

And what a silly question. Of course soup was involved. I didn’t sink so low as to use the lads lunch as blackmail though!

Thanks for working us both.