Moving to a different Association

This seemed like the most appropriate category in which to ask a possibly more than hypothetical question, as I haven’t found any discussion regarding this topic elsewhere.

What effect, if any, would result if someone who had already activated and chased multiple summits were to move to another Association? The database site has provisions for setting one’s Home Association. What does this do to one’s results/statistics, if one has activator and chaser logs under one Association, then more under another?

Note that I am specifically curious about a situation wherein the operator would retain the same call sign, and move to a different Association in the same country, though other permutations could be academically interesting as well.


—73 Karl KA3RCS

None. The home association is used to decide if you should be displayed in any particular association honour rolls.

Having movedd from xxx no association to VK2 and then again to DL, I can confirm there is no issue, your points are related to the userid you login with and travel with you when you change association.

73 Ed.