Mouse-over Issue

I put two alerts out for today, one for my wife, K1LIZ, and one for me, KI4TN, for 1700z for a summit in Kentucky. When I mouse-over my alert, a pop-up shows my name. When I mouse over my wife’s alert, her name does not show up.

She has an account in SOTA Watch; I checked it and all seems OK. Any ideas why I can’t get her name to pop up?

Ron, KI4TN

The short answer is checking for Callsigns instead of Users is harder, and as you put both in, SW3 doesn’t know where to look for Liz’s name. It’s an area we are looking at sorting out somehow, but querying the SSO server by callsign isn’t possible right now.

Thanks for your answer and I understand what you are saying. When I set up my account a few years ago, I used my call sign at the time for a username. I changed my callsign over time but still had to log in to the database with my old callsign as the user name could not be changed.

When Liz got her license later, it was recommended to not use your callsign as a username in case your callsign changed (as happened with me). So, she created a unique user name and it sounds like that is making it hard for the database to find her name.

There are always unexpected problems in developing applications. Things will get worked out in time and as an old application developer, I appreciate all the hard work going into SOTA. Thanks for what you are doing.

Ron, KI4TN