Mourne Mountains

I’ll be wandering round the Mourne Mountains, GI/MM, from 2nd-7th June, that’ll be next week then. The intention is to take the radio and 2m beam with me and activate some summits as MI3WJZ/P.

I think anything from MM-001 to 009, 011 & 012 might be possible although certainly nothing like all of these. I will have limited battery power at least until friday, that’s 2 x 2.2Ah’s.

There isn’t a plan as yet hence the lack of any alerts, I won’t be making it up until I meet up with the crew I’m over there with. My phone has a personnal disagreement with spotlite so the first notice is likely to be a CQ SOTA call on 144.300 ssb and if no-one’s listening there, 145-fm!

It’ll all be weather dependant, although if I only make one it’ll be Slieve Donard, MM-001, although I’m hoping to get a few more in :slight_smile:

hope to hear you from the hill :slight_smile:

Iain, M3WJZ

Nice one Iain. I love the Mournes! You can’t “only make one” BTW, because Slieve Commmedagh GI/MM-002 is right next to Slieve Donard GI/MM-001, and is only just about the minimum 150m above the saddle. The path from Newcastle reaches this saddle, and MM-001 is on the left, MM-002 on the right. IIRC, MM-002, was only about a 15 minute climb from this saddle, maybe even less. You can’t really bag one without the other!


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