Mountain Sloth Award?

Any thoughts on a Mountain Sloth Award for hitting 1000 S2S points? At this rate I may end up hitting 1000 chaser points before 1000 activator points due to S2S contacts.

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Look at the rules and you will see that it is covered:

“8) Award qualifying points values are 250, 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000. Additional endorsements will be available for 10000 and upwards.”

So 1000 points will be the third sticker.

I’m aware there is a s2s award I was just suggesting it be specifically named Like Mountain Goat and Shack Sloth.

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I see. Difficult, nothing particularly apposite comes to mind. Mountain Sloth strikes me as ugly and paradoxical since neither participant is being a sloth! Any suggestions?

Logically any such title should be earned at two thousand points since each S2S earns two sets of points!

A silly thought born of a tired mind (its bed time here) is to call it the Trencrom, named for the Cornish legend of the giants who lived on the hill forts of Trencrom and Saint Michael’s Mount. According to the legend they only had one hammer between them and they took turns using it, throwing it backwards and forwards between the two summits much as the overs are passed backwards and forwards in a S2S. Not a serious suggestion, the name would mean nothing to most people, but a bit of oblique thinking might be needed! And so to bed…

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In a s2s qso you’re doing 2 summits. For me it’s a Double Summit Goat or a Summit Jumper Goat :grin:

73 Armin

Back in Dec 2015, the term: “Summit Sloth” was suggested.

72, Bruce

Hi Bruce,

It was suggested way before that…

73 Mike

But that’s the way it is. Nearly all of my chaser points i got as s2s. The points are counted twice. So i’m a sloth while i’m at the summit. :smile:

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Shack Sloth was a joke title that contrasted the activity of the Activator with the inactivity of the Chaser, sloths as we all know are extremely slow moving. They are also strictly arboreal and are helpless on the ground, so “Mountain Sloth” is a contradiction that also loses the joke, contradictions I can live with but spoiling a joke…?:grinning:

Twin Peaks Award / 1K or 2K whatever…

Yes, as Brian says it is two sets of points (potentially) for each QSO, and as such I think the trophy is available at 2500 points, rather than 1000. I’d have to go away and research to see if/what name we came up for it.

If you look at the shop, Tom, there is no mention of a trophy, and we did not look for a name for it, the term “summit to summit (S2S)” being itself hallowed by long use. It was actually in use from the very early days of SOTA and the contacts highly prized long before there was any thought of incorporating it into our constellation of awards. Basically it just grew out of the nature of SOTA.

There is no reason why a mountain Goat trophy should not be inscribed with S2S, there probably isn’t room for “Summit to Summit” or even “Summit Sloth” without completely redesigning the trophy.

I think we’re talking at cross purposes Brian. I’m talking about the S2S Awards, whereas you are talking about inscribing an endorsement on a MG or indeed SS trophy. No reason why that shouldn’t be done if agreed and paid for though.

Yes, I was surprised when I just checked and found nothing on the main website about the structure of the S2S Awards section, trophies, titles etc. This has definitely been discussed in detail at both MT level and on the main reflector, so when I’ve got a bit more time I’ll try to dig out what we came up with and propose the extra wording needed for the website.

I’m just in a lay-by on the way home from a gig in Walsall so better get moving. Gigging in Teesside tomorrow, so it might be a couple of days before I get round to it.

I’ve just finished reading through the MT discussion that defined the rules for the S2S award, a bit of a marathon with 86 posts! There was no discussion of a possible title, although in the final post of the thread you suggested “Mountain Sloth”, and the indication was that any future trophy would become available at 5,000 points.

The apparent cross purposes came about because I was looking at the current MG/SS glassware and trying to fit either “Summit to Summit” or “Mountain Sloth” into the existing design for the SS award. There is space at the top righthand corner above the callsign for a word, “Unique” appears on mine as I claimed it as a unique award, but even the shorter “Mountain Sloth” could only be fitted in if the lettering was very small. I think that if there is much demand for a S2S trophy then a redesign will be necessary - perhaps we could also put wings on the back of the sloth!:wink: This, though, moves into the realm of MT discussions and will be held elsewhere.