Mountain Hunter Award

Often the MT is asked to explain why a chaser has yet to qualify for the Mountain Hunter (all bands) or Mountain Hunter (70MHz and above) awards.

The rules do say

70MHz and above

at least 2 different summits in each of 5 associations using just VHF/UHF
any mode

All bands

at least 2 different summits in each of 5 associations.

In addition, the higher levels all bands award requires contacts from 2 or more contintents where the continents are Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Australia, Antarctica

Please note the Mountain Hunter status on the database awards page shows which associations you have worked/heard at least twice. You may have worked many more associations but not enough times for them to qualify.

I’d like to update this to show associations worked and whether you have worked it enough for it to qualify. Also the US association names could do with expanding from just W4 to something line W4/US etc. It all takes time and will be done one day.

Hopefully, this should answer questions that anyone has.

Andy, MM0FMF
Database manager.