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Mountain Goat Statistics

I am very close to reaching MG and that has caused me to wonder just how many MG’s there are in the world and how many there are in the USA. Is this statistic available in the database?

Dave, AE9Q

Sure is. As of now there are 435 MG’s in the database.
You can filter by associations, country etc. Have a look here: http://www.sotadata.org.uk/activatorresults.aspx

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Actually, 441 MGs - several on equal 435th place…

Go to the link provided by Compton, then in the Filter Box, select “All Associations”, which is at the top of the Associations list.


Peter VK3PF

Ah, yes. Missed that.

Thanks Compton and Peter. Somehow I missed seeing the very first line in the drop down. I frequently look at W7A (Arizona where I live) but didn’t see any combined options.

Wow on the number of MG’s!! That’s a lot of goats!! :grinning:

Dave, AE9Q


Looks like you will be next then, only 1 summit needed!