Mountain Goat Rendezvous - brief report

The first five operators to achieve SOTA Mountain Goat status in North America, KT5X (aka WS0TA), W1DMH, KE5AKL, NM5S, and NA6MG, wanted to meet one another and do some peaks together. They met in Buena Vista, Colorado, where dozens of 14,000 ft mountains line either side of the valley.

The gathering went from July 31 to August 6 with activations taking place from August 2-5… Peaks activated included Kiowa Peak, W5N/OT-014, La Plata Peak (14,330 ft elev), W0/SP-001, Huron Peak (14,129 ft elev), W0/SR-010, Peak 12,792, W0/SP-042, Horseshoe Peak (13,900 ft), W0/SR-064, Sherman Peak (14,120 ft), Sheridan Peak (13,750 ft), and Midland Peak (10,500 ft), W0/SP-117.

During this time the group gave out approximately 700 QSO’s to Chasers on many bands and modes. They were joined on the last day by Steve, WG0AT, and his goats, Rooster and Peanut.

We parted at the end of the week having made good friends and had a wonderful time together dancing among the clouds.

73, Fred - KT5X

In reply to KT5X:
I looked at all the photos of this event as linked from the nasota group and they were great. Because of the posting sequence, I could work out some of who was who. Maybe I missed it, but what would have been really nice would have been some captioned photos so we could be absolutely clear who was who. If that is somewhere please point me to it.

Overall a magnificent effort. I wonder how many miles, cumulatively the group traveled to do this.
73 Jim G0CQK

Sounds like great fun had by all. I hope to return to Colorado in the next couple of years to do some SOTA activations, so hopefully I can meet up with some of you.

Nick G4OOE

In reply to G4OOE:
if you don’t wait too long, I’m 68, would be happy to meet up with you and somewhat serve as SOTA guide.

73 fred - kt5x

In reply to G0CQK:
There is such a photo, but in an as yet unpublished site. If you e-mail me directly, I’ll e-mail you the photo. JustOneHill at GMail dot com.

Dunno how many total miles but approaching 10K I suppose.

73 fred

In reply to KT5X:
Thanks very much Fred, I will certainly get in touch when we have our plans in place.

Nick G4OOE