Mountain Goat on CW G0EVV

Hi all,
Phew, after a long slog through Covid infested waters, today I managed to make my 1000th CW activation point during my activation of Skiddaw G/LD-004.
SM5LNE was my 4th QSO at 1037GMT 579 - 569 reports on 30m.

The moment was celebrated with my Brother in Law, Mike Gerrish, with a glass of Irish Whisky.
Many thanks to Jan, SM5LNE and of course, all the Chasers and S2S contacts, who have made this possible.

David G0EVV


Congratulations David.
Now onto the next 1000 :slight_smile:

I don’t know how you do it but your signal is generally the most consistent and strongest on UK chaser to UK activator CW QSOs in my station. It helps that you spend a considerable time on the summits and operate on several bands, but I think your set up on HF is well optimised and that shines through in the signal strength. Well done on your achievement, I imagine the glass of whisky was enjoyed in a period of reflection.

73 Phil


Congrats David and thanks for all the contacts along your CW journey.

73 Allan GW4VPX


Congrats David!
I was also in your log from G/LD-004 yesterday.
73 Moises EA4MZ

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Congrats David !
Glad you made it.

73, Jan SM5LNE

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Well done David!
73 Fabio

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Many Congratulations David. After making MG, when you first told me that to do it on CW alone was to be your next personal challenge I wondered how long it would take. Then the everything came to a grinding halt with the pandemic. I am sure it was well worth the wait, if not somewhat frustrating. Really pleased that you have achieved your goal at last.

Might I venture, what next? :grinning:

73, Gerald



Well done on achieving MG on CW.


Welcome to the herd !
73’s Jean

Congratulations David on achieving Mountain Goat on CW.

73’S Geoff GM4WHA

Hi David

Congratulations and good luck with any future challenges. It is always a pleasure to work you.

Nick G4OOE


Congrats - and all the best for the next 1000 …

73 Armin