Mountain Goat in GI land-GI4ONL

This sounds like Irish Scots to me? :smile:

And well done Vic for the big 1K. Missed you on a few GI summits recently that would have been firsts for me - c’est la vie Jimmy (sorry Vic) - now is that Scots French?

73 and onwards & upwards for the next K

Thanks everyone for the kind remarks. Little did I think some 3.5 years ago that I would ever get to 100 points never mind 1000, however it really has been a great experience and I’ve made some good friends as a result of SOTA, so to everyone involved - the MT, chasers and activators a huge thank you for all the contacts and organisation.

I will try to compile a report for the news if time allows.

Victor GI4ONL

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Congratulations Victor on being the first in GI to achieve Mountain Goat.
Welcom to the club…

73, Sake PA0SKP

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I would like to congratulate Victor on reaching ‘Mountain Goat’ status, which is a fantastic achievement! This was far from our minds when we set off on our first activation on the 8th Jan 2012 up a local hill GI/AH-003. Victor and I have trudged many hills together in the last 3 and a bit years in all weathers and have had many enjoyable times becoming very good friends in the process. Many clothing and equipment changes have taken place since then but the thrill and exhilaration of getting to the summit and filling the logbook haven’t.
Unfortunately I was unable to join him on this occasion to help celebrate this goal due to family commitments, but did manage to work him from the shack :o). Well done Victor , 73 MI0JST

Sorry for the late. . ish reply but I was having trouble logging into the reflector, thanks for sorting my problem out @MM0FMF Andy!