Mountain Goat: G8XYJ

Hello All,

Today Matt G8XYJ qualified for his 1000th point today from the summit of G/WB-012 High Vinnalls. In attendance were John GW4BVE, Geoff 2E0BTR and myself. Matt is a VHF MG having qualified solely on bands from 50MHz up. He continued into goatdom in this vein while 'BVE manned the HF station. Geoff and I stuck to dishing out refreshments! Matt baked a fine Victoria Sandwich and Supplied the Ludlow Gold, while Geoff countered with Hobsons. A good array of contacts were made and many photos taken, which I am sure will follow in due course.

Congratulations on a fine achievement Matt, it was a pleasure to be there for the moment. I look forward to joining you in the Hall of Fame in due course, hi!

73 de M0MYA.


Well done Matt. Glad to have made contact on 2m ssb.

What next??

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Hi Matt

Coingratulations Matt. It was a pleasure to be with you, Geoff and Dave on your MG activation. The beer was good, I had the Hobsons, as was your homemade cake and Dave’s tea.

Good luck with your next challenge.

73 John GW4BVE

P.S. Matt is 2nd from the the photo.


Hi Matt,well done and congratulations,pleased to be able to work you on 2mtrs.73 Don G0RQL.

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My flaky phone pics of the activation can be found here:

[M0MYA’s Flickr Stream][1]

Note the improvised phone tripod. BVE managed good results using the cake cover to support his camera!

No upload of the fourth contact video as yet Matt - its 188MB :smile:
[1]: M0MYA | Flickr

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Matt many congratulations - really good to work you with an s2s from Dunkery Beacon. All the best Martin

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Congratulations, Matt! A great achievement, especially to do it all on VHF/UHF.

Now you can start over and do it all again on the HF bands … hi hi!

Walt (G3NYY)

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Well done Matt!
Good to get you on 2M SSB from all of… oooh… 10 miles? :slight_smile:

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Hi Matt

Congratulations on your MG status…‘Respect’ on the way you have earned it.
Looking forward to those joint activations we have discussed for the new year.

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Well done Matt and congratulations

73 Glyn

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Well done Matt, bet it feels good :smile:

Cake as well you lucky chap ! :wink:


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Congrats Matt. I’m sorry I couldn’t get up onto a summit for a s2s today but I am grounded for another 2 weeks. Very glad to hear it is a VHF (and above) MG - not sure how many of us there are! You certainly had the right weather for it. Only 1500 points to the next certificate!!

Viki M6BWA

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Congratulations Matt, Respect!


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Congratulations Matt.

All the best
Nick G4OOE

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Well done Matt. Good work.


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Congratulations on your all VHF MG.

Thank you for the contact on your goat day :slight_smile:

73 Carolyn

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Hi All
Just a massive thanks to all the chasers that worked me today on my Mountain Goat activation!
Dave M0MYA, Geoff 2E0BTR and John GW4BVE all headed up to the summit of High Vinnals (G/WB-012) where it all began for me 5.5 years ago.

Weather wise, conditions were perfect, clear blue skies, no breeze and blazing sunshine!
Plus the radio was like the good old days’ when i first started on SOTA! I got into double figures on 2m SSB, this rarely happens and yet it’s such a good band!

Dad, G4OYX was the 4th contact in the log, rather befitting really as he was the man that passed the G8XYJ callsign down to me.

All 4 of us enjoyed a Beer (Ludlow Brewing Company - Ludlow Gold for me) and yesterday I even managed to bake a Victoria Sandwich, this was consumed with a cuppa’ tea afterwards (thanks Dave :))
Cheers Rob G7LAS for the Porter (my surname) beer! Cheers John MW0XOT for the S2S today! Thanks Stewart G0LGS for being my most worked chaser over the years! There are too many people to thank, RQL, TRB, JZF, BVE, MYA, BTR, YYY to name a few.

So what is next for me, well the immediate target is to try and activate all the South and Mid Welsh Hills, have a dabble at HF and possibly try and get up to 1000 points exclusively on 4m!! However I think I am going to find it hard to let the VHF go after doing 1000 points on it.

Still, it has been a wonderful 5.5 years. If you forget all the politics then this truly is such a fantastic aspect of Amateur Radio. I urge you to get on them thar’ hills and enjoy yourself, don’t let other people put you down, haters are always going to hate.

73 and cheers all

Matt G8XYJ

Congratulations Matt on a job well done. That’s mountain goat on VHF outside of the cricket season . Much harder that way!
I didn’t reach the summit of Moel Eilio till noon so regret I missed an attempt on the contact.
I hope you can all join me on the Wrekin in 12 months for a similar bit of a do.
Well done
David M0YDH

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Hi Matt

Hearty congratulations on your MG :slight_smile:

Great to work you. Sorry I couldn’t be there, cake and beer are usually irresistible attractions but this time work got in the way :frowning:

Upward and onward!

73 de Paul G4MD

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Congratulations Mountain Goat welcome I got the 09/05/2015

Ec2ag Antonio

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