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Mountain Explorer Roll of Honor?

Is it possible to display a list of Mountain Explorer statistics for all activators similar to the activator roll of honor?

I’m curious to see who has attained bronze, silver, gold, platinum and association counts on journey to globe trotter.

Paul W6PNG

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Sadly not. It’s one of those expensive database operations that are not too burdensome when you lookup for one activator but to do it for all activators becomes a real load. I have been thinking of adding some kind of long term stats to the database that can be run in the background that could produce these kind of results. I’m at a conference this week so I’m being paid to listen not program and I was going to do some database work here in the more boring sessions but some nice people in the company IT dept. have changed the security/firewall rules and I can no longer connect to my software running on my own laptop! Grrr! :frowning:



Thanks and makes sense on the compute power required to generate the report on an ad hoc basis.

Like the idea of a monthly or quarterly static summary but also realize time is scarce to devote to something like that.

Bummer on the FW front…I won’t make any jokes about hacking it!