Motor Cycle Portable /MCP

Its almost done. Combining the joys of Motor cycling and having the radio as well.

Hoping to return to Kitt hill shortly once me MCP is sorted out as gotta break out bike fit the gear and make sure there are no teething problems prior to going hopefully at weekend WX depending.

Wil be using a 10m squid pole attached to the rear rack of the bike and anchored the old girl to the deck via stakes and ratchet straps. And run a 20/40m linked vertical end fed with CP wires on ground, Also have 80 and 160 LC.s as well this new version of me FW 2m Loop hoz for SSB of course. And me specials HB wooden box to carry certain radio parts as well the CP wires that can be easy wound into the box and pulled again photos laters.

Power Supply will be pair of slabs 12AH and a 7.6 AH LP4 battery and FT857D with MFJ939 AATU the grab and go kit. Plus fold away table and chair of course. Just gotta find something to clip to the grab and go radio gear so it forms a shield against bright sun thus being clip on if required. Plus the booth tooth gear sender from the radio and head phones.

Prob drop line 24hrs before going was planning Saturday but a wedding got in way DOH

Karl Currently 2Q0FEH till end of month then back to 2E0FEH.

Ps if ya want me normal call do ask no problem to oblige :slight_smile:


Hope it goes well for you Karl. What bike is it please ?

Remember it’s not valid for SOTA if any part of the station is attached to a motor vehicle

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And neither use the bike or car as a windshield or for supply voltage.

Good luck Karl. Sounds like like quite a setup!

73, Fraser

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So that been changed as peep were ok with motor bikes at one time,
good thing is I can take it off the bike and move away if need be and certainly not using the bike battery if V drops too much it no going to start. hence the slabs in the saddle bags :slight_smile: Better pack away me spare CP wires for this one



No it’s always been that way as per General Rules 3.7.1 para 3:

"Operations must not be in, or in the close vicinity of, a motor vehicle. No part of the
station may be connected in any way to the motor vehicle."


For CW work it will have to be a 600cc bike as in reality they are all 599cc I think. :slight_smile:

Unless thee are 2 Karls in the SW I heard you calling me on 2m SSB when I was on Watch Croft last week - but you obviously couldn’t hear me. Which was a shame. :frowning:



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

2m FM from motorcycle goes very well… I had the same device on my BMW for a long time as we used for the police… Headset in the helmet, PTT next to the right grip and the 2m device in the tank bag.

73 Armin

I was recently editing a video for Gerhard OE6PGM with him having 40m QSO with OE5SLN station while bike mobile. Gerhard was doing a SOTA activation in his home district.
A bluetooth headset adaptor was used to connect to the rig.

It is in German language but I added some pictures from the page showing the setup



600cc TIS MER MOPED lol

Am on a FJ1200 3cv 1990 bit of a classic now at 32 years old and 97K on the clock
Was 130BHP doubt that now but a mile munchier and torque.
Been with me for 18 years now.

Be nice break it out on the road and break in the new tyres.