Morserino 32 WiFi TRX

The latest firmware update for the Morserino 32 has been available on GitHub for a few weeks now:

Besides full support for straight keys, the latest update includes a WiFi transceiver function. It is possible to have an internet QSO without even a computer. The Morserino32 can be programmed to connect to any IP address or server. I have made a short video showing how to set it up:

The quality of the QSO will depend on your internet connection. This is a great function for those unlucky enough not to have a home antenna. Unfortunately my landlady recently succumbed to the 5G conspiracy theorists and made me take my antenna down. The 1kW/meter field strength of radiation in the 450 - 750 Terahertz range does not seem to concern her; only 1 billion times stronger than the strongest 5G signal. I think it’s time someone started a protest group: Citizens Against Teraherz Radiation. These exceptionally high frequencies (just below the threshold for ionising radiation) will surely destroy all life on earth.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and the new features of the Morserino32.
73 de OE6FEG

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Has she cut the antennae off her car wheels yet? Perhaps you could give her the heads up :wink:



Here’s a video where celebrated physicist Michio Kaku explains why there is now clear prima facie evidence for UFOs:

Seems someone forgot to explain to him that the stupider you are, the fewer things you are able to identify and thus, the more unidentified flying objects you will see.
73 Matt

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