Morrón del Mediodía 2754m. EA7/GR-006

Hi to all,
After a long time I go back climbing up to the mountain with my friend Manu EC7ZT. We chose this summit because it is located approximately one hour by road from our respective houses. We meet at 9:00 local time in Puerto de la Ragua at 2046m. Manu came from the South face and I from the North face. We started the climb in cold weather, with some wind but sunny. After 2:30 hours we reached the summit at 2754m. We locate the sites for antennas and for the shack protected from the wind. Manu with his MT3B would operate in CW and I with the KX2 in SSB. We stayed at the summit for 2:15 hours until the wind, cold and fog became unbearable. Weather conditions can be seen in Manu’s video.
The numbers:
66 qso SSB
75 qso CW
4 S2S
In short, great radio day with good company. We threaten to repeat.
TNX to chassers.
73 de Manu(EC7ZT) & José(EA7GV)


Hi everyone! thank you for allowing me to be a member.
Regarding the activity that I shared with EA7GV in Sota EA7/GR-006. I want to say that after a long time I didn’t see José Luis, it was a pleasure to do this great Sota, and shared both hoobies, mountain and radio, also give to thanks all the chasers, and looking forward to hear you in the next sota.
72. EC7ZT. Manu


Only 72, you are a stingy :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Hear not problem 73


The next one I will give you 73!!:rofl::rofl::rofl: