Morning of sky fishing

A great morning for some sky fishing!

So I heard there was going to be a few SOTA activators on 27 Saturday morning especially from GW/…… so booked myself off and cleared it with the family boss :woman:t3:.

My first SOTA of the year and hope to do more later in the year. I am blessed to have a G/WB-009 10min drive away to car park.
I finished work and went up the Malvern hills. A nice steady walk, taking in the views and watching the sun start to make an appearance.

I tried this time to go light with the kit - Yaesu 857 , 40m.20m linked dipole with a new carbon 6 pole and a flowerpot for 2m.

All set up, just away off the main track I started at 06:00 utc on 40m and got 5 in the log within 30mins so happy with that and everything else will be a bonus.

Over the next few hours, I worked 24 in the log on 40m,20m,2m and even 70cm! with 6 of those S2S.

A thanks to all the chases a big thanks to all the S2S in Wales, Croatia, Portugal.
73s M7HFD


Reminds me when first time up Kitt hill some one asking what was a I doing " fishing for Australians" and few minutes later.s i got me first one :slight_smile:



Every other morning I can hear VK and ZL but not Saturday morning not the best conditions this weekend. I can hope

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Nice photos and report Ryan @M7HFD well done on qualifying the summit :grinning:

73, GW4BML. Ben


Nice one Ryan, congrats on the first HF effort

You’ve been a great chaser so I’d love to get some more activator QSO’s with you