Monte Colombina I/LO-217

Today activation of Monte Colombina I / LO-217, above the north end of Iseo Lake. On the path I realized that I had left all the radials at home … Going up I review the possibilities I have for the antenna setup. Finally at the summit, I decided to use trekking poles and spare RG158 cables as radials. Fortunately, there are always alligator clips in my backpack. The performance on 40 meters was quite painful, and I had to give up several S2S, especially in SSB. In 20 and 30 meters the antenna behaved fairly well, although I think the radiation lobes were quite irregular. Including those in FM I logged 64 QSOs of which 18 S2S.


Hi Fabio!
Clever solution, your signal in my summit today was very good, I’m glad that I worked you on 20 SSB. Thanks for the S2S.

73 de Ignacio

Thanks Ignacio, and Jorge!
73 Fabio

Hi Fabio,
The most time I’am using a vertical fishing pole with radials, but there is always a “B” solution in my rucksack : a linked dipole …
I hope to meet you soon …

I’ve stayed at Camping Iseo. A beautiful area.

The local wine is very good too. :slight_smile:

The rocks at Zone above the lake are amazing. But a bit precarious for a SOTA activation. :slight_smile:


I use a telescopic whip for 20 meters as an emergency setup. If the activation is not long and tiring, I often bring a light EFHW as a backup.

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Nice summit and pictures. Good WX! Tnx for the S2S.

73 - Tonnie - PA9CW

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Hi Fabio,

Thank you for nice report.
Many tnx S2S :wink:

73, Jarek