Mont Fleuri 2511 m F/AB-260 yesterday

The plan was to activate F/AB-255 Mont Charvet 2538 m. I choose the wrong path in a crossing and did not want the descend down 100 m to correct my mistake. See

So I decided to activate Mont Fleuri 2511 m instead. However this was not very wise decision after all. I was on this summit two years ago, but could not remember the correct route to the mountain ridge leading to the summit. I was already thinking to cancel the activation. Finally I was on the ridge. This is quite narrow and steep on both sides. Slipping on the ridge can be fatal. I did activate the summit after all, but changing plans is not very good idea in general and adds extra risk to the expedition.

Thanks to G0NUP and HB9AFI for spotting.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL