Moel Siabod GW/NW-010

Hello and thank you for all who spotted and contacted me (operating 2W0PYG/P) on Friday.
This summit was the location for my first successful activation.
Thank you for all your QSO’s.

It was quite a steep climb from the SW side.
My approach route was via the old quarry and up past a natural lake Ylyn Y foel

I looked up at the Daear Ddu ridge and thought no way! so I walked further west to the left of the ridge and picked a way up slowly.
once I reached the Trig point it was an unexpected but most welcome surprise to have activated the summit in under 15 mins with 4 QSO’s back to back.

The WX held out and I went on to make a staggering 25 QSO’s. Thank you!

Once the cloud started to gather over head it was time to leave, I picked the decent via NE as this seemed to gentler.
The timing was close, no sooner had I donned the waterproof trousers visibility was limited.
The decent was a safe (yet boggy)one, with a slight detour on the final bit to realign on a suitable route back to the bridge at Pont-Cyfyng.


Paul 2E0PYG

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Congratulations Paul on completing your first SOTA activation.

It was a pleasure to work you yesterday and hope you thoroughly enjoyed the day, despite the weather.

Hope to work you again soon, hopefully S2S.



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Hay Thanks Liz, it was a fantastic day, good to work you too, hopefully more summits to follow.
I have added a few photos of the activation on my page.

Until next time, and yes S2S will be fantastic!



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Add the photos to the SOTA Flickr group Paul as well. Click the Photos link to go straight to the correct group.

Well done on your first. My ankle still twinges whenever anyone mentions Moel Siabod!


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That’s one of my favourite mountains, Paul, with a terrific panorama of the 3,000 footers!

It isn’t obvious from the map, but a grassy incline runs up from by the lake leftwards to near the top of Daear Ddu, under the cliffs of the east ridge, steep but easier going than the ground to the west of the ridge, but I prefer going straight up the east ridge which is a lot easier than it looks.


Brian G8ADD

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Thanks Andy, I have just added a few of the days photos up on the SOTA flicker group.


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Hi Brian, I have often admired the stunning presence of Moel Siabod and wondered what it would be like to climb.
During the approach I realised this Mountain was bigger and more impressive than I could have imagined, so much to offer before reaching the summit then as soon as I reached the top I was at the foot of the trig point with the amazing panoramic view.

I was about 3/4 of the way up before I noticed that if I walked further east I could have had an easer time. That said, the climb was mainly over and up a large bolder and grass section.

73 Paul

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Hi Paul

Love the black and white shot “Moel Siabod looking out North West from Trig, also Llyn Y Foel far below on the right”

Great photos.