Moel Famau today

Left Stoke at about 0900 and made way mainly on the motorways towards GW/NW-044 trying to keep off the icy smaller roads. The lane down towards the car parks was extremely slippery - but a cup of tea and a mince pie made up for it.
A good, but cold, climb toward the top in snow made worse by low cloud. Not been here before so with the low cloud, made a nice suprise when suddenly on the summit. Cold wind up here, so after a little look around, made camp next to the fence.
Settled in and put a cq out. Many thanks to the chasers who took the time to contact me. They included on 20m : GW4CQZ, GW7AAV, S51ZG, GW4BVE, DJ5AV and then on 15m : G0VOF and M3XIE.
I brought Micky 2E0YYY up with me today to do a joint activation using his new callsign. You might know him better as M6MMM. He had a sucessful activation too, thanks to his chasers also. It must be hard to change ones callsign, but he seemed to get it in the end.
All contact worked via Yaesu FT-857 set on 12W and Micky’s Pro-whip antenna.
Got cold very quickly so we went qrt and slid all the way back to the car.
Many thanks everyone, look forward to working you again soon,
73’s John : G1STQ

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Congratulations on getting out and up. My attempt to get up my local simple summit failed miserably. After 1hr45 fighting though thigh and waist deep snow, me and Mrs. FMF were half way to the top on a walk that normally takes 45mins. It was futile struggling on so we had our lunch and turned back.

Currently snowing hard, 1cm has fallen in the last hour but at least it has warmed up to 0C from -10C earlier.

Andy, MM0FMF
(Just north of Moscow)

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Many thanks to john and micky for activating gw/nw-044 i was one of the fortuinate ones to be able to work them also thanks to the other many activators who are getting out in these terrible weather conditions not like us chasers who are sat next to the radiator many thanks again Dave M3XIE.

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It was nice to work both of you on Sunday, I listened on 20m but could not pick you out, on 15m you were both quite readable, although not very strong. Not bad at all for a Pro-whip & 12 Watts though :slight_smile:


Mark G0VOF

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Hi Mark,
Great to work you too.
Still not convinced with Mick’s Pro-whip.
Seems a lot of hassel over the linked di-pole, but he seems to like it.
Each to his own :slight_smile: